Eat - Eat -

Breakfast like a king

Breakfast is the true essence of a holiday. When you wake up, taking the time to taste sweet and savoury delicacies with fragrant aromas is a pampering that remains with you throughout the day.

Every day, with passion and top-quality ingredients, we prepare home-made cakes and biscuits, tiramisu, freshly baked treats and warm croissants. In the BIO corner you can find juice and fruit salads made from fresh, seasonal fruits, specially selected for you at the local farmers' market. There are also artisanal jams, yoghurt, rice and soy beverages, herbal teas and cereals of all kinds, as zero km as possible.

Guests who prefer savoury food will enjoy local cheeses and cold cuts, eggs with bacon, omelets, pies or sausages served with fresh and crispy sandwiches of different kinds. A truly mouth-watering buffet selection, served in our indoor breakfast room or on the garden terrace, where 4-legged friends are also welcome.

Much more than a bar

A snack, an aperitif or a coffee break: have a relaxing time at our bar overlooking the garden, surrounded by flowering plants and lush greenery.

You can enjoy hot or cold drinks, a maxi cappuccino, a great Aperol Spritz, a Gin Tonic, a cold beer or a Hugo prepared with organic elderflower and fragrant mint from our garden. Home-made cookies, treats and cakes or a very fresh ice cream are a break you can't do without!

Easy life, Happy life...